Jasmine Tao

The Artisans at 3MTea™ are pleased to introduce you to our premier herbal blend, Jasmine Tao. Our formulation may help support a daily gentle cleanse of the digestive and cardiovascular systems while creating a harmonious balance between peak metabolism and vitality. Enjoy!

Curious how 3MTea™ was started?


Our story began with a simple philosophy:  Do good to the body, to the mind and to the soul.  With over 100 years of combined experience in health and wellness, direct sales and personal development, our team set forth to bring the best of all worlds under one roof.

Today 3MonksTea offers you the perfect formulation (an everyday tea) that is specifically designed to bring the best out in you.  Try it and see!  Combine the ultimate formulation with the most lucrative and generous rewards program in its space, and you can begin to build your own economy wherever you find yourself or wherever you want to be.

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Maximizing the benefits of Jasmine Tao Tea

3MTea™ – Jasmine Tao Tea, is an all natural formulated herbal tea that consists of 4 super herbs and 8 supporting herbs. Jasmine Tao Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Click below to learn how to make your Jasmine Tao Tea to perfection.


Jasmine Tao Tea

12 All-Natural Herbal Ingredients

1 Bag of Jasmine Tao
Makes 640oz = 80 Servings
Member Pricing $39.99 per Pack
Suggested Retail $49.99 per Pack


Mission Statement

We at 3MTea are committed to changing the way people think about their health. You can detoxify your system, support your weight management goals, and enhance your performance, feel great and have more energy in one simple mindful step!

3MTea is about living a mindful lifestyle – one that promotes whole-body, whole-life wellness – offering true premium tea with a lifestyle blend of mindfulness impacting mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and financial balance and well-being.


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