3MTea™ Policies


All information provided by an Applicant on an Affiliate Agreement may be used for the purposes of evaluating the Affiliate Agreement and for related activities of the Affiliate 3MTea™ relationship. An Affiliate authorizes 3MTea™ to disclose its contact information to some of the Affiliates up line and some of the Affiliates down line. An Affiliate by signing the Affiliate Agreement also agrees to allow 3MTea™ to market any 3MTea™ product or service to the Affiliate and furthermore authorizes 3MTea™ to use the personal data collected to market or share other products or services from selective 3rd party product and service providers that are deemed complimentary but noncompetitive to TMC Products or Services. The Affiliate may opt out of receiving these communications from 3rd party product and service providers at any time. However, an Affiliate may not opt out of receiving the communications from 3MTea™ unless the Affiliate desires to be deleted from the 3MTea™ Affiliate program.